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Looking for a top mobile app development company in Chicago? Discover BitsWits – your gateway to turning app preferences into tangible results. We specialize in designing mobile application solutions to suit your business goals with an experienced team of professionals ready to tackle projects of any size. From start-ups to corporate restructuring, our commitment to excellence remains unwavering. Let's make your app unforgettable, shall we?


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Mobile App Development Company in Chicago

BitsWits in Chicago is a top choice for improving your business through mobile apps. Our skilled app developers work hard to create innovative apps just for you. By hiring BitsWits, you can access the latest technology to help your business grow. We make custom mobile apps to increase the number of your users. Place your confidence in BitsWits, a premier Chicago app development company.

Android App Development in Chicago

BitsWits leads Android app development in Chicago, providing unmatched expertise and innovation in crafting cutting-edge mobile solutions. In our Android app development services, we prioritize user-centric design, leveraging Android's capabilities to exceed client expectations. Our commitment to staying ahead ensures top-tier results, helping clients flourish in the tech world and achieve their goals across diverse sectors.

iPhone App Development in Chicago

As expert iPhone app developers in Chicago, we mix unrivaled creativity with modern technologies to produce unique mobile solutions that meet your needs. Our team is comprised of professionals with a wealth of expertise, imaginative thinkers, and exceedingly skilled iOS application developers. We understand the importance of timely delivery and faultless operation. Give us a call to see some of the best iPhone app development Chicago has to offer.

Flutter App Development in Chicago

Our talented team of Chicago Flutter app developers is committed to offering exceptional development solutions to support the expansion of your business. Our team of professionals is available to assist you at every stage of the process, regardless of whether you're a major corporation looking to streamline procedures or an established firm looking to launch your first app. This is your chance to collaborate with BitsWits and use Flutter's ability to advance your company.

Game App Development in Chicago

BitsWits' committed group of game developers in Chicago is enthusiastic about producing immersive and captivating gaming experiences for our clients. We can assist in realizing your vision, whether you're a large game company hoping to transform the market or an independent developer with an innovative concept. Start working on your game app right now, and we'll help you develop your concepts into an engaging gaming environment that will appeal to players worldwide.

Blockchain App Development in Chicago

Our hardworking group of blockchain game developers in Chicago at BitsWits is committed to creating entertaining and unique experiences. Our professionals can help you at every stage of the process, whether you're a startup hoping to enter the blockchain market or someone hoping to reshape the industry. Our experts use blockchain technology to design and develop distinctive and captivating games for players, from conception to implementation. Collaborating with us can help you share blockchain technology and grow your gaming company.

Our Award-Winning Portfolio

We have a proven track record of delivering 150+ exclusive mobile apps based on distinct categories across diverse sectors and industries.

Soul Scribe


Soul Scribe is a groundbreaking social networking app that functions as a digital diary, and you can enlist your loved ones to be part of your online journal. The app operates by using the freemium subscription model, providing a complimentary family room option that enables users to welcome someone from their circle of friends to share their memories.







The Ready App


The Ready App is a revolutionary platform invented to revolutionize the hiring process for the transportation industry. It fills the communication gap between drivers and recruiters by having a user-friendly interface along with features like secure messaging, personal meetings, and real-time updates.







Grease Monkey


Grease Monkey is a comprehensive automotive innovation system that provides everything ranging from car repairs to oil checkups. Serving as an independent app, Grease Monkey presents users with important factors to consider such as prices and locations, and also client ratings for your vehicles.







We've Delivered More Than 150+ Mobile Apps To Customers Worldwide!

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Our Process

Our Agile Process for
Mobile App Development
in Chicago

We are a strategic digital transformation agency dedicated to ensuring the successful marketing of your product and implementing a growth strategy to ensure its continued success for decades.
Our talented experts focus on preservation to optimize your return on investment. Our app developers know the value of having a robust analytics system that gives you in-depth insight into how users interact with your app. Implementing this approach will better position your team for long-term success, enabling ongoing optimization of your app for growth and development.
Here is our agile process for mobile app development in Chicago:


Research and Strategy

In the research and strategy phase for mobile app development in Chicago, we conduct intensive user interviews, ethnographic research, and competitive analysis. This informs our conception, prototyping, and user testing process. Guided by strategy workshops with the client, we then develop hypotheses for MVPs and prototypes to align with client goals, ensuring effective product development and seamless user experiences.



In the development phase, our Chicago app developers follow agile methodologies with 2-week sprints for iterative development and testing of user stories and features. We conduct comprehensive usability testing and optimize app store metadata. Our process includes sprintly regression tests and end-to-end scenario tests to ensure a smooth mobile app launch and submission process. Moreover, we then integrate feedback loops for continuous improvement throughout development cycles.


UI and UX

In the design phase, our expert designers collaborate closely with clients to create powerful, visually appealing, and intuitive interfaces. Through wireframing and design prototyping, we ensure users can navigate the mobile app effortlessly, fostering a highly engaging user experience and satisfaction. This collaborative process guarantees seamless interaction, enhancing app usability, and ultimately delivering a compelling user experience. Additionally, we prioritize accessibility and responsiveness across various devices and platforms.



In the scale phase, we prioritize achieving the client's goals by focusing on mobile app success and growth. We conduct iterative management and execution of analytics, experiments, and A/B tests. As a bespoke Chicago mobile app development company, our approach includes automated messaging campaigns and attribution optimization to attract new users, boost retention, and maximize revenue. In addition, we emphasize continuous refinement to ensure sustained user engagement and long-term success.



In the deployment phase, our Google-certified app developers focus on launching the app successfully to the market. We run thorough compatibility tests on several different devices to guarantee a smooth and error-free user experience for all users. Additionally, we provide support during the initial rollout phase to address any issues and ensure a seamless transition for users. Furthermore, we offer comprehensive training sessions for client teams post-launch.

Why Choose BitsWits as Your Trusted Mobile App
Development Company in Chicago

As an exclusive mobile app development company in Chicago, our core aim is to satisfy our customer’s needs & provide them with indigenous digital apps.Our commitment to collaborating with clients to develop clear, captivating, and easy-to-use apps extends from concept to delivery.


4.9 / 5.0


based on 20+ clients


4.9 / 5.0


based on 40+ clients


5.0 / 5.0


based on 66+ clients

Emily Chen

Chief Technology OfficerHealthTech Solutions

4.9. / 5.0


BitsWits transformed our app vision into reality seamlessly. Their expertise and professionalism exceeded our expectations. Highly recommend their services for anyone seeking top-notch app development.

John Smith

CEOTech Innovations Inc.

4.9. / 5.0


Working with BitsWits was a game-changer for our business. Their commitment to excellence and innovative approach ensured a successful app launch. We couldn't be happier with the results!

Sarah Johnson

Marketing DirectorE-Commerce Solutions Co.

4.9. / 5.0


BitsWits truly understands their clients' needs. Their tailored approach and attention to detail resulted in an app that surpassed our expectations. Highly recommend their services for anyone looking for top-tier app development.


How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Mobile App in Chicago?

The cost to develop a mobile app depends on several factors such as the app’s complexity, the platform it will run on, and the features it will have.

Simple apps with basic functionality, like a calculator or flashlight app, can cost you around $20,000 to $60,000. Complex apps for social media and e-commerce platforms can cost you between $60,000 to $150,000. High-end apps for banking and healthcare sectors that have complex functionalities and enterprise-level features can cost more than $300,000+.

BitsWits offers full-fledged app development services customized to your project’s complexity, with prices ranging from $20,000 to $100,000+.

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Industries We’ve Conquered

Real Estate

Real Estate

We ensure property listings, virtual tours, and essential features for real estate.

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Our sports solutions meet evolving needs with fan engagement, performance tracking, and management systems.

Learn MoreBitswits



We optimize e-commerce for better UX, streamlined workflow, and increased revenue.

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Healthcare & Medical

Healthcare & Medical

We enhance patient care, expedite procedural work, and adhere to regulatory standards.

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Chicago App Development Sizes According to Business Size

Developing an app isn’t solely about coding or design—it’s a comprehensive endeavor that encompasses understanding the financial dynamics, especially when it comes to the development scene in Chicago.

As a developer for app development, BitsWits comprehends the intricate balance between manifesting your app vision and managing costs prudently.

There is no universal solution to cost calculation. In fact, it might be difficult to pinpoint a certain amount because costs can fluctuate greatly based on various factors.

Generally, the investment for less complex applications is between $15,000 and $50,000. However, the cost can increase significantly depending on complexity, from $50,000 to $300,000 or possibly even more.

While these figures provide a preliminary framework, the actual costs are influenced by a multitude of factors that evolve over time.

Calculating expenses involves consideration of factors such as the intricacy of your app idea, the requisite features, the targeted platforms, and the projected development timeline.

Our adept team of Chicago-based app developers engages in transparent discussions to grasp the nuances of your unique requirements.

This collaborative approach enables us to provide a customized quotation that aligns with your vision, budget, and objectives.

At BitsWits, transparency is ingrained within our pricing philosophy. We really feel that sticking to a budget shouldn't mean sacrificing the final product's functionality or quality.

You can feel confident that we will never cease trying to provide our valued customers with excellent service and quality.


Cost of Mobile App Development in Chicago for a Startup

Understanding the investment required for app development in Chicago involves considering several key factors. These include:

  • The complexity of your app
  • Features and functionalities you envision
  • Target platforms
  • Skills and experience of the development team

Each of these components has a major impact on app development costs in Chicago.

A simple app for one platform might normally cost between $20,000 and $50,000 to develop. However, this amount may go up to $150,000 or more for higher-level applications.

It's important to remember that these numbers are estimates that could vary in cost and are not fixed in stone.

Selecting a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for a startup can be a calculated decision. With an MVP, you can test the program's functionality and performance while reducing early costs to a minimum.

Startups and small businesses venturing into app development should anticipate expenses ranging from $15,000 to $100,000. The final cost depends on customization requirements and the complexity of the app.

Collaborating with a reputable app development company in Chicago, such as BitsWits, ensures both affordability and a balance between quality and cost-effectiveness.


Cost of Mobile App Development in Chicago for Mid-Sized Businesses

Starting the process of developing a mobile app for your mid-sized company in Chicago entails considering several aspects that influence your final cost.

Each factor—including the complexity of your app's features, the platforms it will run on, and the degree of customization required—influences the amount of money needed.

Mid-sized firms should expect to pay anywhere from $50,000 to $250,000 or more for the development of a mobile app. This estimate includes all stages of the development process, such as design, coding, testing, deployment, and continuing upkeep.

It's important to understand the potential returns a well-designed app may offer your company when carefully implemented, even though the initial expenditure may seem high.


Cost of Mobile App Development in Chicago for Enterprises

Creating an app for a large corporation requires a larger expense than for a smaller company.

The complexity and requirement for a smooth integration with current systems add to the development timelines and increased costs.

The average cost to develop an enterprise-level app is between $500k and $1 million, depending on the features and complexity of the app.

All phases are included in this estimate, including design and development, testing, deployment, and continuing maintenance.

Working with a skilled app development company in Chicago that is conversant with enterprise systems is important for maximizing the return on this investment.


Cost of Mobile App Development in Chicago for Individuals

It's important for those starting their app development experience in Chicago to get to know the economic situation. The complexity and features you want might greatly impact the costs.

Typically, the cost of developing a basic app may be between $10,000 and $50,000. But if your idea calls for a more complex and feature-rich application, budget more than $150,000.

The final cost is determined by a number of criteria, such as the platforms your app will work on, the degree of customization you desire, the complexity of the design, and particular features.

We at BitsWits understand that every project is different. Because of this, working with our knowledgeable team guarantees not just a customized cost estimate but also direction throughout the development process. Our goal is to make your vision and your budget work together.


Mobile App Development Costs for B2B Clients

Comprehending the complex variables influencing mobile app development charges for business-to-business clients is vital. At BitsWits, we guarantee a smooth development process by offering clear cost estimates that are customized to your requirements.

Usually between $50,000 and $250,000, our skilled staff handles every step of the development process, from concept to implementation and upkeep. Our specialty is creating customized, feature-rich applications that work flawlessly with current systems to boost your company's productivity and expansion.

With BitsWits, you can get modern mobile solutions that yield visible outcomes. Let's go on this adventure together.


Mobile App Development Costs for B2C Clients

Building a mobile app targeted at B2C clients includes different considerations that affect the entire investment. At BitsWits, we look into the subtleties of app development costs to bring clarity and transparency.

Our staff works through the complexities, from feature complexity to platform selection, to provide solutions that are specifically designed to meet your company's demands.

We list the possible investment levels to help you make a decision, regardless of whether you're looking for a basic app with essential features or a complex platform enhanced with cutting-edge capabilities.

These factors play an important role in finalizing the App development cost for B2C clients:

  • App Platform: The choice between iOS, Android, or both platforms significantly impacts development costs.
  • Design Complexities: The level of detail and sophistication in the app's design influences the overall cost.
  • Feature Integration: Incorporating advanced functionalities like AI, payment gateways, and social media linkage can elevate development expenses.
  • Development Team Expertise: Our development team's proficiency and experience directly impact project costs, ensuring high-quality outcomes.
  • Commitment to Excellence: At BitsWits, our dedication to excellence and client satisfaction ensures that every investment aligns with your business goals and expectations.

As you start your mobile app journey, you can rely on BitsWits to maximize your B2C app development investment by providing thorough evaluations and customized solutions. Together, let's work to realize your vision while keeping an eye on your budget.


Brands Trust Us


Advanced Technology Solutions for Large-Scale Businesses & Enterprises


Big Data

Utilizing Big Data technology enables the management of large datasets. Our app developers in Chicago use this advanced tool to craft seamless native apps, empowering businesses to thrive and remain competitive in mainstream markets.


Internet of Things (IoT)

Using IoT, we establish device connectivity, enabling seamless data exchange and enhancing operational efficiency across various business domains, fostering streamlined processes and optimizing resource utilization for improved overall performance.



Blockchain provides a safe and transparent infrastructure for transactions. Our app development company Chicago, utilizes Blockchain to maintain the integrity and security of your app, thus ensuring reliability and scalability.



Discover the upcoming stage of digital technology through our Chicago-centered app development enterprise. We pioneer in AR/VR applications that revolutionize conversion rates and ignite innovation.



BitsWits developers blend AI and ML, transforming company operations with seamless automation and heightened productivity, reshaping workflows, and maximizing efficiency across various business sectors for enhanced performance.


Cloud Computing

Embrace the future of mobile technology with BitsWits' cloud computing solution. Our platform offers unmatched security, scalability, and performance capabilities, ensuring seamless integration and empowering businesses for sustained growth and innovation.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What specific mobile app development services does your company offer in Chicago? Bitswits

Our company in Chicago offers a comprehensive range of mobile app development services, including iOS and Android, cross-platform UI/UX design, app testing, and ongoing maintenance and support.

How experienced is your team in developing mobile apps for businesses in Chicago? Bitswits

Our Chicago-based team of mobile app developers has extensive experience developing mobile apps for businesses, specializing in various industries and understanding unique challenges and opportunities in the Chicago market.

What is your approach to mobile app development, and how do you ensure client satisfaction? Bitswits

Our Chicago-based mobile app development approach prioritizes client understanding and employs agile methodologies, regular communication, and feedback loops to ensure alignment with expectations and client satisfaction.

How much time it takes to build a mobile app in Chicago? Bitswits

The time it takes to build a mobile app in Chicago varies depending on app complexity, features and functionalities, design requirements, and testing.

On average, a simple mobile app can take 3 to 6 months to develop, while more complex apps may require 6 months to a year or more for development, testing, and deployment.

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